Wondering about the grammar of another language, say, Dutch,

and how the words work in poetry–are they strong, reminding you of your senses, like Germanic words are in English?  Or not so much, boring you and making you wish the poem would just be over, like Latinate words can feel in an English poem…and speaking of Latin, I asked my Dutch friend, “Does ‘Who’s on First’ work in Dutch?”

“Not really.” said my friend.  “They never play baseball there.”

(Thanks to Erik Wijtmans for my favorite joke all week).



About Fish Clamor

Writer--poems, fiction, flash, essays, hybrid essays, sketch comedy on a great day, too. First prose chapbook, _How I Kiss Her Turning Head_, published by Monkey Puzzle Press, May 2014, is available from me--just email me--jen at This domain name. Follow me on twitter @fishclamor! Thank you so much for stopping by! --Jennifer Woodworth
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