Notes on Movies and Favorite Essays

A good poem is the news of a single soul; a good film is the news of maybe a  thousand souls.  This fact occurred to me a couple years ago and I’ve been trying to catch up on movies ever since.

So….drum beat….Fish Clamor Staff’s Favorite movie may well be Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven.  Watched it for the nth time last night.

As it happens, I came to movies late, and only through writing–Roger Ebert’s writing.  I find his writing so amazing in itself that the film he’s reviewed sometimes seems almost irrelevant. I often read his essays, never seeing the films.

After I saw Days of Heaven, though, I read Ebert’s crushing Great Movies essay about it, and that’s when writing and film came together for me.  Other people’s writing, I mean.  I have no idea how to write a film review, but when I’ve seen a great movie I can direct you to a fine essay about it, probably by Roger Ebert.

Roger Ebert’s Great Movie Essays are all on the web together.  It’s a treat to watch one of his 300 plus Great Movies and then read his essay.  I highly recommend this double experience.

Ebert knew how to write about the news, that’s for sure.

Roger Ebert’s Great Movies

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