Stories “Screwing Up, Importantly,” and “Mother of One” Published in Bellow Lit Journal

This journal first published “Mother of One,” together with one of my favorite stories, “Screwing Up, Importantly” in 2013 and get this…

Amazon still has it, for just four (4) bucks, right here! (Click this link)
You’ll like one or the other and possibly both.  One is funny, and the other, the first story in How I Kiss Her Turning Head,  is a “psychological thriller.”  

They couldn’t be more different.  So check them out.  You do have time for “Screwing Up, Importantly,” you do. 


Thank you for supporting your local crises of being and fish, and as always, thank you for supporting the arts!  

About Fish Clamor

Writer--poems, fiction, flash, essays, hybrid essays, sketch comedy on a great day, too. First prose chapbook, _How I Kiss Her Turning Head_, published by Monkey Puzzle Press, May 2014, is available from me--just email me--jen at This domain name. Follow me on twitter @fishclamor! Thank you so much for stopping by! --Jennifer Woodworth
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