Bibliography: List of my favorite books, stories, stories, poems, authors, one day in fall 2016. It could be different any day, but here ya go!

Of course I have a list of favorite stories, poems, books, writers! If it weren’t for reading

Wanda Coleman’s Heavy Daughter Blues,

I might not have become a writer at all. I can’t say what it was about the book, but it turned something over in me that I thought was already right side up. Some of the many stories, poems, and books I love off the top of my brain are the following:

Charles Simic’s The World Doesn’t End;

Morton Marcus’s Moments Without Names;

the amazing poem on the front page of Booth right this minute called

“The Problem with Burning Down Your Own House” by Amorak Huey; and

“Snow,” by Ann Beattie

is amazing. I have some eternal favorites—this year, as many other years, I’ve been on a big

Moby Dick By Herman Melville

craze, the exception to the rule that I only read short stories. I love the stories in


as works of fiction. And

Amy Hempel’s book, Reasons to Live,

is the best short fiction book I know, and her new one

Sing to It is also magical. I love most anything by

Raymond Carver,

and I love

Donald Barthelme

for the delight he takes in writing the bizarre as if it were not so bizarre. I love

Louise Erdrich’s short stories and

her novel (another exception) Love Medicine.

Roger Ebert

was a brilliant writer, not a movie critic. Any of his

Great Movie essays will bring you the news. I love and hate

Henry James

for his brilliant and complicated sentences.

e.e. Cummings

is very much a favorite, what with all the love poems and those gorgeous sonnets and unforgettable moments like as is the sea marvelous–and another great lover,

Pablo Neruda, whose Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair

will never stop feeling fresh to me.

There are not enough women here. I love the book

Smoke by Dorianne Laux, especially her poem, “Prayer.”

My mother, M.K. Woodworth

is a beautiful writer and I hope she’s not done. One day I happened upon a very strange and beautiful book of stories called

Silk by Grace Mazure.

Love in Infant Monkeys by Lydia Millet is to die for.

Kimoko Hahn’s book, The Narrow Road to the Interior

may well be my favorite book of poetry of all time, and

I could go on and on, in fact, I already have. My apologies.

Note: i know very well that there is not enough diversity here either. I have read plenty of work by all colors and genders of people and need to make a second list of what I read during the five year period I only allowed myself to read women.

If you think that’s sexist, well, I went to college before the canon included ANY WOMEN WHATSOEVER, so I hope that makes up for my reverse sexism.

If I hadn’t made that choice that day in an independent bookstore I’d have read another brilliant if sexist book by Milan Kundera instead of Amy Hempel and what a sad day that would have been!

Forgive me, world. It was still the best educational decision I ever made.

Thank you for checking out my list. I have another bibliography for my daughter I’ll post one day. That one has an entirely different goal…

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