Publications. With links to those that have links.

Best Lyric Prose Anthology from Eastern Iowa Review: Ed. By Chila Woychick, my prose poems “Soprano” and “Shayna” are included. Available now at Amazon.

Upcoming, Gone Lawn, “Wake” and “Lot’s Wife,” Prose poems, December 20, 2019

*82 Review, “The Flowering Bonsai,” Prose poem, December, 2019

Upcoming: The Inflectionist Review, “The Late Bed,” prose poem. Late Fall 2019

The Citron Review, “Fighting with God,” Prose Poem, Sept 23, 2019

Upcoming: The Raw Art Review: “In the Fall, Demeter,” and “Weaning.” Prose poems. This fall.

Bending Genres Journal: “Unity,” Fiction. August 2019

Eastern Iowa Review: “Soprano” and “Shayna,” Prose-poems. Spring, Issue 8.

Bop Dead City: “The Orange Tattoo” and “Three Fortunes.” Flash-fiction and Prose-Poem. Fall 2016. (This was available in print only). Look in my book for them, eventually.

Bop Dead City: Interview with Jennifer Woodworth. Fall, 2017.

Ginosko Literary Journal, “Halloween.” (P. 102). Lyric essay/Flash Fiction. October 2016. I love this story. You have to scroll and scroll and scroll to page 102. I think it’s worth it though. Let me know.

Monkey Puzzle Press: How I Kiss Her Turning Head. Prose-Chapbook. May, 2014. The press is sadly closed, though I still have copies for sale, both e-book and hard-copy! You know you want one: drop me an email at Jen )at( fish clamor {dot} com Or send me a tweet @fishclamor.

Review of How I Kiss Her Turning Head by A Total Stranger. With Questions for book groups! Never in my wildest dreams….Thank you Beth Castrodale!

Review of How I Kiss Her Turning Head by an Internet writing friend. The man can write a fine essay! (Play and poem, too). Thank you Carl Nelson!

Bellow Literary Journal, Volume 2.1, August 2013: “Mother of One” and “Screwing Up, Importantly,” Stories, August 2013. Print-only journal, still available! The story “Screwing Up, Importantly” is also posted on my blog, here. “Mother of One” is available in Bellow at the link above, and also in How I Kiss Her Turning Head.

The Nassau Review, “Crows Over Wheatfield.” Poem (ekphrasis, poem) December 2011. This was a print-only Journal.

Opium For the Arts: “The God and the Bug Story.” Flash-Fiction. January 2010. Look for it in my book, one of these days!

AROHO Orlando Prize: “The Rings.” Sudden Fiction. Fall, 2009

Flashquake: “Asunder.” Poem. Winter, 2009. The site is closed now. Sad. But I posted it on my blog here.

Mary, Mary, Mary: Visions of Grace. “we’re all marys” (prose poem). This book is a collection of Art and Writing about The Three Marys. Gallery Print, Virginia Beach, VA. Fall 2009. The beautiful book is now out of print, but “we’re all marys” is included in my chapbook How I Kiss Her Turning Head.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

—Jennifer Woodworth

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