All the News from Beneath the Reef

Check this space for Every Little Bit of Thrilling News in My Tiny Little Writing World. Sometimes there will be good news. Sometimes we will post someone else’s magnificent poem. Sometimes Little Wing will tell a joke that is especially not-funny. In a rough week, we may only be able to post news of any especially nice rejections. Actually we have never done that.

How I Kiss Her Turning Head, published May 2014 by Monkey Puzzle Press is no longer available from Monkey Puzzle, which is now so sadly closed…

But soft!  I have copies left! They’re 10 bucks; just email me at “jen aaaaat fishclamor dotttttt commmmmmm.”  You know, me @ here.  I would love to send you one!  (Please send stamps in the mail if you know my address).  I also have e-books–just 3 dollah!  Just write to me at Jen aaaatttttt }fish clamor{ dotttt commmm and I will be delighted to send you either book or ebook.  I tried to leave a comment box in my blog today too, so maybe that will get to me, I dunno.

For posterity, here is a link to the old page first page where you can’t buy it any more, but for memory’s sake….How I Kiss Her Turning Head at Monkey Puzzle Press

How I Kiss Her Turning Head at Monkey Puzzle Press

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