About Fish Clamor’s Blog

Welcome to my writing blog!

I love to share great writing I might find on a good day, including actual links, so you can count on Fish Clamor to give you a name and a link to something new and wonderful to read or listen to, though you might need to wait a week or two or even nudge me along to post something.

I’m a devoted writer, too, and will post  Every Scrap of Thrilling News in My Tiny Little Writing World, like links to my publications so you can read my stories and poems, though maybe if it’s a rough year, I’ll only post news of any especially nice rejections.

My first prose chapbook, published May 2014, by Monkey Puzzle Press, is no longer available from Monkey Puzzle press, which is now so sadly closed.

But soft!  I have some copies left.  They’re ten bucks, just email me at “jen at the name of this blog {dot] com” where the name of this blog is fishclamor.  I would love to send you one!  Free shipping!  I also have e-books–3 bucks– just write to me at Jen aaaatttttt }fish clamor{ dotttt commmm and I will be delighted to send you the book or the e-book!

This is a link to the old page where you can’t buy it any more, but for memory’s sake….How I Kiss Her Turning Head at Monkey Puzzle Press

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please come back!


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